Larabar Love

In the rare event that you are not already aware of my obsession with Larabars….I would like you to know that I am obsessed with Larabars. There now you know.

I was super stoked when Larabar agreed to send me some samples for review. In all honesty I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love a Larabar.


You guys have to forgive me for the crappy phone pic this time!

They sent me four flavours to try: snickerdoodle, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and uber roasted nut roll. Here’s how each one stacked up:


Loved the spice although it kind of got lost in the sweetness of the dates. Still awesome.

Pumpkin Pie

If I had to choose between an actual, store-bought pumpkin pie and this bar, I’d choose this bar every time. Good pumpkin flavour, dessert as a snack, need I say more?

Apple Pie

This one is available near where I live as just “Apple” (the US tends to jazz up the naming a bit more. i.e. Blueberry Muffin is just “Blueberry” in CAN); has been and still is one of my favorites. I absolutely adore the cinnamon flavour and its just all around delish. Again I prefer it over real apple pie.

Uber Roasted Nut Roll

I went through a Kashi granola bar eating phase and my favorite part of those bars were always the large chunks of almonds and peanuts. The uber nut roll is basically all my favorite parts of a granola: crunchy (yet still chewy), sweet, and chunky. Winner!

Overall I rate Larabars a 5/5. Lovely flavour, great company, and even better customer service.

Note: This review was my own opinion, I was not compensated by Larabar. I just think they’re really cool!

Now for your #quoteoftheday


Have you ever tried Larabars? What’s your favorite flavour? How much do you usually pay for a Larabar where you’re from?

One thought on “Larabar Love

  1. So far my favorite flavor is coconut cream pie. It has coconut oil in it to make it really moist, and is loaded with shredded coconut. What could be better?!?! I really wish they would bring back Tropical Fruit Tart, though. I love that that one had orange juice and coconut oil in it.

    Also, I refuse to spend almost $2.00 on a LaraBar, though. So, I purchase huge lots of them on ebay, and I only pay about $0.75 a bar. Score!

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